Cover of Universal Colliders with Deprecated Stamp

Where did go Universal Colliders?

As some of you may have already noticed, on February 26, 2022, Universal Colliders got missing from the Asset Store. What did it happen? Everything is explained here, but don’t worry: Universal Colliders will come back!

What happened to the package?

Yesterday (as of February 27), I deprecated the package on the Asset Store. It means that no new user can get it, yet users that already bought it can still download it.

Deprecation notice on the Unity Asset Store

Why was it deprecated?

That’s the point. For a bit of history, Universal Colliders is quite a young package (two months old), so it was released it what can be considered a beta version. I was not complete, yet worked sufficiently well to consider it worth releasing. However, a few upgrade were needed in a near future.

Here is the point: due to technical difficulties (e. g.: time), I am not able to bring the updates by the expected time. Before I was crowded with unsatisfied users, I chose to remove it from now, and it will come back in a new release!

Universal Colliders: New Releases Incoming

As the beta phase is over, it was the occasion of experimenting with a quite a few parameters:

  • Price: $30 was chosen to align the package on its competitors, and generate initial income. Now that it’s done, it can be the occasion to lower it.
  • Trailer: expect a new one with technical insights!
  • Features: new core feature should come soon!
  • Internationalization: Chinese translation incoming

You may wonder what new feature will come in the new releases, and when. I won’t say much here, but we are aiming to make the package truly universal, so stay tuned!

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