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Universal Colliders for Unity

Tired of setting up Unity colliders? We propose a new asset suitable for everything from static spheres to non-convex rigid bodies! The Universal Colliders projects comes to deployment, and a whole new world opens! One Asset to Unite them All, isn’t it?

Please Note: As of today, the Asset is being evaluated before publishing in the Unity Asset store.

The trailer of the asset

How It Works

Everything starts by a box. Literally. The idea is to generate consecutive oriented bounding boxes: at each step, generate a bounding box for the vertices, then subdivide it in two. The interesting part is that you are not only limited to boxes, as you can switch to spheres, capsules, and even meshes!

Several level of recursion (left) and the colliders associated (green). A chain was generated with this system on the right.

Once your generation is complete, you have nothing more to do, just launch the scene and the colliders will appear! In some cases you may want to apply manual modification. It is entirely possible, since each collider is a new GameObject that can be modified scaled following your needs. You can also subdivide these object, to get better details in specific areas.

Please find the online documentation here: universalcolliders.houmgaor.com.

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